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For Freddie

For Freddie/Winne the Pooh, acrylic on canvas, NOT FOR SALE

Small piece I completed for my friend, who is due to give birth to her first baby, a boy, to be named Freddie.

For Freddie

X-Men Series: Jean Grey

X-Men Series: Jean Grey, acrylic and emulsion on canvas, SOLD

Jean Grey

X-Men Series: Rogue

Rogue, acrylic on canvas, SOLD


X-Men Series: Cyclops

Cyclops, acrylic on canvas, SOLD


Power Up!

Power Up!, acrylic on canvas, SOLD

Power Up

Secretly In Love

▲▼▲Fashion. Art. Music. Life ▲▼▲ [Unless otherwise stated, none of the following images or audio is by me, this is simply for inspirational purposes]

Adam Brett Surf Art

surf art, abstract art and fine art

The Dawn Report

Dawn O'Porter

Tales Of Ridiculous Things That Happen To Me Far Too Often.

When discussing with one of my friends how I often wonder if any one else experiences as much 'that could only happen to YOU' luck as I....she suggested I record these events in a blog, even if only for her amusement alone..... Here goes....

Robert J Southworth

Story Of An Actor

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Life of a 26 year old Uni student in Wolverhampton

I'm a trainee journalist trying to balance life, work and studying whilst moaning in a (hopefully) amusing way

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Cut The Crap Movie Reviews

...for people who don't read movie reviews.


Everyday Art

Little Wolf

Illustration Blog

New American Paintings/Blog

Juried Exhibitions-in-Print

Zac Scheinbaum

Arcane Practices


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