Happy Customers! :)

Just like when you finish a book, or finish a gruelling workout, there is no better feeling than when you finish a new piece…that is until you get the feedback from the recipient!


Here are some photos of my latest piece, the Peter Rabbit inspired wall art, which I gave to my pregnant friend on Saturday. Safe to say she loved it and it adds a great pop of colour to her new bundle of joy. We won’t be aware of the gender until the big day that he or she arrives, but I think that the piece would work for either – especially if they grow up to be a big fan of Peter Rabbit!


Peter Rabbit – Once upon a time

So, after lots of late nights and early starts before work to get this completed, my Peter Rabbit quote painting for my friend is now complete!


I’m really happy with how this turned out in the end, especially with the Peter Rabbit illustrations. Animals are not my forte, along with people, and I really thought I would struggle to paint these accurately as drawing them was a struggle to begin with! However, lucky for me, Miss Potter painted with watercolours so there was not too much depth needed with the colours and I got to do one of my favourite things – paint with black acrylic!


I really hope she loves it, and I have been told by our mutual friend that she will, but tonight will tell when the unveil occurs!

I feel quite spurred on to try and draw/paint some different subjects – possibly more animals or maybe even try my hand at faces/bodies which is another area that I struggle with. Who knows?

Watch. This. Space.

Current WIP – Peter Rabbit

So this week I’ve taken a sliiight step back from training at the gym to get this piece finished as my friend who it is for is likely to drop at any moment!

I’ve struggled with the colours for this as she does not know if she is having a girl or a boy, so I’ve gone for cool blue/purple shades which i think can work for either sex. She also has a cool grey colour scheme in her nursery, so I think this could add  good pop of colour to the room.

20160120_074741This is the most text I have ever painted on a piece, but it is such a well-known quote, and she is such a big fan of Peter Rabbit that I don’t mind! This pic is the entire piece as I was putting down the second coat of indigo blue on the font.

fontLast night was all about adding the details onto the text to help lift it off the canvas and accentuate the curvy font style. I love using white as a highlighter on text and I think it works really well on these colours.

The last task tonight (which is also the night she will receive it!) will be to finish the small Peter Rabbit and family illustrations. Luckily, our friend Beatrix used water colours, so there are not loads of shades to be put down, more hues of the colours. I’m hoping this will take no more than 90 minutes to complete so it can be given to her, then onto the next for me! Main goal this weekend is to get my skull watercolour piece done.

Ready, set, paaaaiint!!!

Hello there!

I’ve been away from blogging and, well to be frank, art in general the past few weeks while I join the rest of the working population with trying to get to grips with being back at work after the Christmas break!

I’ve acquired a lot of new visitors this month – I’ve had nearly as many in the first 14 days of this month than the whole of December! So thank you and welcome to anyone new who has come across my blog this month so far!

I started working on 6 pieces over the Christmas break but in doing that, we are now on calendar day 14 and I have finished nothing! So, I am now working on a little and often, trying to do something every day so I can chip away at my workload! This weekend’s mission is to complete one new word art piece for my online shop which I’ll be launching in March (psst it’s wine themed!), finish a watercolour I started MONTHS ago and finish a baby shower present for a friend as it transpires that although she has 4 weeks to go, her baby is way ahead of her so could be here any day now!

So, I will have lots to post on here over the coming weeks before I have a much needed break in Mexico. Yaaayy!!!

Goodbye Christmas!

Whilst most of my friends and family began to relax for Christmas from the 20th onwards, I was at my most busy, completing commissions until 6.30pm on Christmas Eve. Needless to say, I didn’t touch a pencil or brush again until Boxing Day – my hands were in dire need of a rest!

Below are the commissions I completed over the last 2 weeks of the Christmas rush. Sadly, I cannot say I am pleased with all of them as time, pressure and a mental block for ideas made the process less fun than it usually is. However, all of my clients were happy, so that counts for something I guess!

I will be resuming my word art pieces after New Years Day, using the time before it to start some canvas and wood paintings. It feels like an age since I last did some ‘proper’ painting, as I would call it, and am currently working on a piece for a baby present for a friends, a new flower painting and finishing up the skull watercolour and ink piece I started MONTHS ago!

I feel like 2016 will be my year for my art. I have lots of ideas, the space to complete works unlike earlier this year and the drive. I will be working on pieces until June, after which (once some space has been made on my credit card!) I will be enrolling on a one year illustration intro course, to see how I fare, and if it works out, will look to starting an online degree in illustration. I want to be on track for my dream career before I’m 30 and, as I turn 29 in 2 months time, I need to begin before Christmas 2016 is on us!

So, I wish all my fellow artists and followers of my blog a Happy anew Year and vow to have something to show you on a weekly basis – even if it’s a work in progress.

Keep being creative!





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