Life is a Kitchen

Another friend occasion, little money and the instruction: ‘Don’t buy me anything for my birthday’ led to this being produced!

My friend is a great cook and baker and is the only one of my friends who I know to genuinely like cooking! She’s also in the process of redecorating her whole house and mentioned she wanted new things to hang, etc.

This piece is bigger than the ‘Love Makes a House’ piece so it was harder to ensure the placements worked, but I think it hasn’t turned out too bad! Since posting the house warming piece up on Facebook, I’ve also received another 4 orders for various quotes, so I think I may have found a new calling…or at least something to do while I relax my eyes from hours of painting!

Life is  Kitchen, ink pen and acrylic on acrylic paper, SOLD


Love Makes A House A Home

My best friend recently moved into a new house and as she had a) bought most of Next to fill it and b) has VERY particular taste, I had absolutely no idea as to what I should get her. I started having a look on and saw the number of very nice – yet very expensive wall art prints which I thought she would love. Then I thought – hey, why buy one when I could make my own version!?

I used some inspiration from one I saw on the site and found a different saying that I thought would be more fitting as the house is her first ever owned home and she is due to give birth in around 2 weeks! Luckily, she loved my cheap idea (I got the frame free from work – we randomly had one lying about!) and told me that I should look at doing framed illustrations as one of the ‘services’ I offer as a wannabe artist and already, I have another order! Not only was this cheaper in terms of equipment,  it was also completed in a fraction of the time it takes me to do a painting at only 4 hours. May need to take this up more often!

Love Makes a House A Home, ink pen and acrylic on mixed media paper, SOLD


Princess Castle Mural – Complete

So after a loooong session yesterday (9 hours to be precise!) the Princess castle mural is finally complete! The clients are really happy, which is always a relief but more than that, I am really happy with the finished piece as well. I really have put a lot into it and although I should have finished it weeks ago, I think I had the right motivation the past few weeks which helped it be finished to the standard that it is.

So here it is!

Princess Castle for Matilda, acrylic and emulsion commission, 1.5m x 1.5m


Heather Potter

Here she is, finally managed to get this piece completed (literally an hour ago) after chaining myself to my desk for 4 days solid. Am not too happy with Harry/Heather, but I am not the best at doing faces, let alone doing likenesses of people. Am really happy with the rest though, and hope the vibrancy and details will be enough to make the recipient happy. It is for the birthday after all! Piece is based off the cover artwork for the Goblet of Fire book.

Heather Potter, 50cm x 50cm, acrylic on canvas, SOLD

Heather Potter

WIP – HeatherPotter

Somehow I managed to scrape a couple of hours on Tuesday night to make a start on this Harry Potter piece (although its now Heather Potter as that’s who it’s for!). I’ve only managed to complete very small sections – the sky, stone tower and tent – but little progress is better than no progress at all!

harryI now have Friday afternoon, Saturday day and night, Monday day and night and Tuesday day to complete this which frankly, with my painting speed, is about 3 days too short but I need to make it happen! In the middle of (hopefully) finishing the princess mural on Sunday, I will be adding the odd layer here and there to this to get to the finish line. The painting itself is not my worry, mainly ‘Heather’ as drawing people is not where my artistic skills lie. The drawing currently is awful but I’m not too shabby at covering up a bad drawing with some good paint, so fingers crossed!

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