For Tia – Completed Commission | Another influx of Commissions!

Yesterday I managed to finish a new commission and chip through my list of works to do and today…I’ve received THREE canvas painting commissions! I had planned to start working on some pieces for my own portfolio soon, and enter some exhibition competitions but it seems I may have to wait a little longer!

This piece was a little out of my comfort zone – purely my own fault as I did the sketch! But this included a lot more than I would usually include within the illustration pieces I do and as there was so much text, I had to make sure each section looked different and stand on it’s own. The client is happy though, so I am too!

For Tia, watercolours, acrylic and artists pen on acrylic paper, SOLD

For Tia

The Miles Family | Family Tree Commission

These Family Tree pieces are proving so popular! I’ve even had an order for Christmas for an A3 sized one with THIRTY names on it! If you’re interested in having one, please contact me. These are priced at £25 without a frame, or £30 with (Black/White/Pine available)

The Miles Family, acrylic, watercolours and artist pen on acrylic paper


Crazy Face

I did it – it’s finally completed!

Was a long slog, but I am really happy with this piece and…it’s led to another commission woo hoo!

Crazy Face, acrylic and permanent marker on canvas, 1m x 1m, SOLD

WIP – Crazy Face (yes, still!)

So the Bank Holiday weekend brought me plenty of time to work – and potentially complete – Crazy face, but it seems I am a bit too OTT with perfection at the moment!

13151490_935112366607983_94601143711528847_nAs I want this to be Pop Art bold in style, each section is taking 2-3 layers of paint until I get the true colour. As a result, only the top half is completed so far, but I am REALLY happy with the piece and luckily, so is the client! My favourite bit by far is the brain – I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I think it works really well.

I want to spend a good chunk of time on this, so I’m moving my deadline yet again to Monday morning, so my weekend will be spent painting drugs, cigarettes and coffee! Then onto my next 3 commissions for May – two drawings and a canvas painting.

Wish me luck!

WIP – Crazy Face and Loving Pop Art Again

When I was at school I was obsessed with Pop Art. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichetenstein, James Rosenquist – you name it, I pawed over images of their stuff for hours.

A lot of my classmates at school – and even when I was at university – stayed away from ‘simple’ painting means and I seemed to be an artist that had little ability or imagination. I have always loved the bright, bold, and sometimes powerful way that colours and shapes can pop in a pop art piece and from completing Crazy Face, I have fallen in love with this type of painting all over again and no longer see it as a sign of a lack of imagination or skill.

IMG_20160502_000359Here is Crazy Face currently. As I want all the colours to be block, it’s taking longer than anticipated as each section needs at least 3 layers for a complete block colour. A trip for work last week and a much needed rest day on Saturday means I am skill way past my original deadline that I set myself to complete this but it WILL be complete by this weekend…I hope lol

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