Work In Progress – Crazy Face

As it is ridiculously weird, and the figure in the reference photo has a weird face, I have decided to dub this piece ‘Crazy Face’.
The background has been a hard slog to say the least. Six layers of white paint in total to get a completely white background which, after today, seems sliiightly unneeded as I have gone completely experimental on the background with pools of watery acrylics to frame the figure. I’ve also done some small paint splatters which, in some areas, I may some to regret, but for now – it is what it is!

Main sections I’m aiming to complete today are the shoulders of the figure and the laptop. Both sections are relatively simple and will be painted so, but they are large sections which will require a number of layers to get a complete block colour. Nevertheless, I’m very excited to be doing some canvas painting again – even if it’s not in a particularly detailed style, and will have this piece done by Friday ready to give to the client before I start on two pieces – a new family tree piece and another canvas commission of a car. My first ever car as well!

The weird and large commission – Work in Progress

It’s Friday – yay!!!!!!

This past week has been exhausting. Not necessarily busy, but I have felt shattered every night come bedtime and had an inability to get up each morning. So last night, I had a night to myself. I had a glass of wine, caught up on some TiVo and finished drawing this big beast below!


I am 90% happy with the drawing – not 100% as once I’d finished the face, I realised I hadn’t aligned it centrally, so the shoulders do not match. But…it is a weird ass piece anyway so it may work! I’m also going to be adding splashes of colour in the background which may also help to hide the drawing faux pas!

Paint will be added this weekend, aiming to get this complete by next Sunday!

Being busy and canvas painting – eeek!!!

A new week means a new commission/project!

After the last 2 weeks of back to back drawing pieces, it’s been really nice this weekend to to have the opportunity to relax a little. My next commission doesn’t have a deadline date but, as I have so many pieces booked in, I’m getting it done now for the following reasons:

  • The canvas is fricking huge and I want it out of my house (it’s 1m x 1m)
  • I haven’t done any canvas painting in around 6+ months
  • It’s a little out there and gives me the chance to do something a bit different
  • Also, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I want the money!

13000262_921050598014160_3795708557863987050_nSo this weekend I’ve been slowly getting the drawing done on this mammoth canvas! I bought this nearly 3 years ago with a number of different ideas on how to use it but when the client asked for something large, I knew I’d finally be able to get rid of this beast! The piece is very largely based on an illustration they found on the web of someone who is basically high off the drug that is social media. I don’t know where the original source is from, so I can’t share it without being able to give the recipient promotion, but safe to say – it is the WEIRDEST commission I’ve done since my Buckethead painting around 5 years ago.

I’m aiming to get this completed in the next 2 weeks, with a new drawing piece scheduled to be started by 24th April, followed by another canvas commission, and then many more drawing pieces!

It’s looking to be a very productive and busy summer for me!

Martin & Sheena Cronwell

This piece was completed for a friends’ parents 10th wedding anniversary and safe to say, I kind of made this one up as I went along! I combined some of my usual details with some details used in the family tree piece to create something different and, in a way, use this piece as a kind of experiment.

Luckily, my friend likes it and is confident his parents will too!

Martin & Sheena Cronwell, acrylic, artists pen & watercolours on acrylic paper, SOLD

Martin and Sheena Cronwell

Current WIP – Mr & Mrs Cronwell

Happy Sunday all! As promised, I am sticking to posting more (well, it was my promise to myself more!)

After completing the Family Tree piece, For Lia, last week, I have been inundated with commissions – mostly family tree pieces – and so am now booked up until the middle of June! I know it may not be, but I really feel that taking my time with For Lia could have made all the difference in gaining these extra bookings. I might, however, now need to invest in a wrist support as my wrist is still sore from last week and I still have a number of pieces to complete!

IMG_20160403_154405Today I did something I haven’t done in a while, and sketched out an idea first after doing a load of research. Funnily enough though, the version I went with was a small thumbnail I drew up after drawing up a larger first attempt!

This piece is due for Wednesday, so I should be good for time, and is for a 10 year wedding anniversary present for my friends in-laws. I fell in love with metallics when doing For Lia, so this piece will be predominately black, with silver used for lighter highlights. Some white will be used as well, but only to add a different contrast. Really looking forward to seeing how this piece comes out as I haven’t filled the background on a heart based piece before.20160403_163504

Should have the final piece to post in the next 2 days!


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