Love Makes A House 2016

Last year I completed a piece for my best friend who has just moved into her first home with her husband and baby. They didn’t need anything specific for the house, so I thought a nice little piece of artwork would be a nice addition! The initial concept was nice and simple, using some different types of typography throughout.

As part of my Etsy store that I will be launching next year, I wanted to redevelop this piece, keeping much of the same elements, but adding more vines and flowers which have become staple elements in most of my typography pieces. I’ve also added more textures and highlights to really make it pop and I’m really pleased with it – more as when I made the original last year, I didn’t have a scanner so the details were lost on the completed photo I took.

This piece will be available as a print on my Etsy store, with the option for customers to purchase a hand drawn reproduction also.

Love Makes A House A Home, acrylic and artists pen on acrylic paper, message me for purchasing details


I’m back! Making resolutions and honing my skills

So It’s been a long while since I posted and a lot has happened in that time!

Since my last post I have:

  • Got a new job (going swimmingly – been here 3 months now!)
  • Got a new roomie – Boyfriend has now moved in and we have been living in (most of the time) blissful harmony for nearly 2 months
  • Started making my New Years Resolutions (standard)
  • And FINALLY started working on my portfolio of items for the Etsy shop I secured about 18 months ago!

The past couple of weeks I’ve been easing myself back into my art as I really want to start creating pieces that show a signature style, rather than the random pieces I’ve made for commissions the past few, well, years!

15167509_913157855277_1172201892729758630_oI’m trying to push myself more and start drawing and painting subjects I’ve always shied away from as I’ve always been terrible at them, for example – faces and people. I’ve finished this illustration piece, completed in watercolour, acrylic and pen and I’m actually quite pleased with it! I’ve had so many ideas  for pieces that incorporate the female figure which I’ve always had to put on the back burner but I am determined that 2017 will see some of these ideas come to life!

Some of my resolutions (for art) as as follows – this will definitely increase!

  • Work on my drawing skills, especially on subjects I struggle with
  • Bring at least 2 of my older ideas to life in paintings
  • Complete 10 paintings throughout the year
  • Launch my Etsy shop
  • Enroll on an illustration course
  • Do something artistic every day – even if its just 10 minutes of work

There’s not loads here, but I struggle at the best of times to find time, but even if I only fulfill 50%, I’ll be happy with that.

What are your resolutions for the year?

Mr and Mrs Guyton

For this illustration commission, I decided to make it more linear, work on my illustration shading skills in a way, and remove the use of black paint which I usually include in all of my word art pieces.

Piece includes elements in relation to the new couples wedding day, along with my usual vines and flowers.

Mr and Mrs Guyton, artists pen and watercolour, SOLD



As part of my decorating in my current unemployment, I wanted to include some artwork in the downstairs toilet – just something nice for people to look at while they dry their hands🙂

I am a massive David Bowie fan and when I remembered this quote, I decided it would be perfect. I wanted to make it as interesting as possible, so used multiple typography types, with some acrylic and watercolour droplets.

Bowie, watercolour, acrylic and artists pen on acrylic paper



Hello, old friend

Life over the past month has, well, sucked. I lost my job three weeks and have been trying to come to terms with being jobless, spending all day everyday on my own, and trying to figure out how the hell I’m supposed to pay for all my bills with nothing.

Trying to seek some positivity from the negativity, I have thrown myself into my artwork, with a number of different projects on the go. I currently have three commissions on my books, having just finished one on Monday, which will in no way set my account alight, but will help pay for some of my bills and give me something to focus on.

20160831114208281I’m juggling a number of different pieces, working on some illustrations and paintings for my own portfolio, whilst working on the commission as well. I want to become a better draughtsman, and really excel with my drawing. I can draw, I know that, but there are a number of different topics that I’ve never been able to draw and so have always avoided them. Not anymore! I am trawling through my magazine references – many of which are of bodies and faces which I’ve always struggled with but want to get better at – even if they’re drawn in my own way which might not exactly be National Portrait material.

So expect to see a lot more posts in the midst of my job search. I have a plan for October which I hope will work out for me career wise, which I will need a good portfolio for, but I shall keep all details of that under my hat, just incase it doesn’t work out. I don’t really want another failure to blog about!

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