Whoever Said Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Clearly Never Owned A Dog

Have finally had the chance to make a start through my backlog of works, starting with this piece! I have a number of ideas for more quotes and will be taking bespoke orders for gifts, etc – especially with the countdown to Christmas now officially on for retailers! Email me if you’re interested in getting a piece for a loved one for birthday, Christmas or just because present.

Whoever Said Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Clearly Never Owned A Dog, acrylic and pen on acrylic paper framed


WIP – Whoever Said Diamonds Were A Girl’d Best Friend

I am way further ahead on this piece than this photo, but work, training and looking after a new house has taken away some of my working time!

diamondThis piece needs only another hour and it will be done, but below is the pencil drawing for it. I’ve more items in this than the previous word art pieces I’ve done, which I think really adds to it. I’m hoping the recipient loves it!

I’ve also gone through ideas for pieces recently and now I have the space, and hopefully the time, I am aiming to churn out at least 3 paintings between now and the end of 2015. This has been my least productive year for painting so far, so it’s time to get back on it ready to really smash 2016!

No longer MIA

So my page has been rather quiet of late as I started my biggest challenge ever – moving house! I’ve been in for 3 weeks now but it’s taken me until yesterday to sort our my new Studio (basically I’ve taken the box bedroom but studio all the same!) so I was a) able to get in there and b) able to use my brand new desk!

Now that all the various niggles of moving house have all now finished, I will be cracking on with a number of pieces! I have plans for two new word art pieces – one for a dog lover and one for a soon mum-to-be which will be a present. I am then going to get back on the paints and make myself some new room by hopefully selling a few more canvas pieces before we hit Christmas!

Wish me luck!

Life is a Kitchen

Another friend occasion, little money and the instruction: ‘Don’t buy me anything for my birthday’ led to this being produced!

My friend is a great cook and baker and is the only one of my friends who I know to genuinely like cooking! She’s also in the process of redecorating her whole house and mentioned she wanted new things to hang, etc.

This piece is bigger than the ‘Love Makes a House’ piece so it was harder to ensure the placements worked, but I think it hasn’t turned out too bad! Since posting the house warming piece up on Facebook, I’ve also received another 4 orders for various quotes, so I think I may have found a new calling…or at least something to do while I relax my eyes from hours of painting!

Life is  Kitchen, ink pen and acrylic on acrylic paper, SOLD


Love Makes A House A Home

My best friend recently moved into a new house and as she had a) bought most of Next to fill it and b) has VERY particular taste, I had absolutely no idea as to what I should get her. I started having a look on notonthehighstreet.com and saw the number of very nice – yet very expensive wall art prints which I thought she would love. Then I thought – hey, why buy one when I could make my own version!?

I used some inspiration from one I saw on the site and found a different saying that I thought would be more fitting as the house is her first ever owned home and she is due to give birth in around 2 weeks! Luckily, she loved my cheap idea (I got the frame free from work – we randomly had one lying about!) and told me that I should look at doing framed illustrations as one of the ‘services’ I offer as a wannabe artist and already, I have another order! Not only was this cheaper in terms of equipment,  it was also completed in a fraction of the time it takes me to do a painting at only 4 hours. May need to take this up more often!

Love Makes a House A Home, ink pen and acrylic on mixed media paper, SOLD


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