May Works in Progress

As it was bank holiday this weekend, I thought I would utilise my time as well as I could to get started on a number of pieces that have been neglected for…well, in some cases, years!

I spent all of yesterday afternoon drawing up my client’s commission, and I should have some good WIP pictures of this to post after Saturday, once I can finally get some paint on the wall (the drawing has so far taken 4 hours and it’s not even done!)

In addition to the mural drawing, I have spent some time on the pieces below – which are at various different stages!

The Coca-Cola piece was originally completed 6 years ago, but after some poor storage, it had gotten damaged and I felt I could make it much more impactful as my skills have hones over the years. I spend the weekend tediously re-painting the black and white stripes, and will be good adding some graffiti type work over this, similar to the ‘Lotus’ piece I did earlier this year.

WIPThe ice lollies piece was drawn up 2 years ago and the canvas has since been stacked in a pile of pieces which I have neglected. The colours on the photo are the base colours for now – don’t worry, it’s not paint by numbers – but I’m hoping to make this piece as realistic as I can!

The final piece, ashamedly, was meant to be a commission from Christmas 2014 which I just couldn’t get into. The client is luckily a close friend of mine and has never questioned it’s whereabouts. I have never done an animal commission but have always wanted to do a piece based on our black Labrador, Molly, as a present for my dad. This is obviously not a Labrador, but I thought that if I could make a good go of this then Molly may be appearing on a canvas for Dad’s Christmas present this year! This piece will take lots and lots of layers but I finally feel motivated and inspired to complete it, after doing some trawling on Instagram and some of my favourite artists on there.

Really looking forward to working on these, along with some watercolour and ink pieces on the side, just because J

Princess Murals

Have been a bit MIA lately due to work and life, etc but will soon be starting working on my first every mural. The theme is princess/fairy castle, and the ideas I drafted (albeit very rough sketches!) are below.Capture

I’m happy to say that the client loved my favourite idea the most (the bottom left sketch) and I will be starting on this very soon! I’m hoping it will take no more than 4 sittings but as I’ve never done a piece to this scale, I may be being a little ambitious! Will post progress pics as the piece is completed!


Otterson Vase Reproduction

This was a commission, which a fan of the TV series, Frasier, requested from me. Anyone who has watched Frasier may have noticed this piece as it appeared in nearly every single episode of Frasier, in Frasier Crane’s apartment. Original painting by Jack Otterson.

Otterson Reproduction, 20″ x 16″, acrylic on box canvas


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