‘Would Like to Meet’ | Popzilla Gallery ‘Foolish Mortals’ Show

It’s finally happened – I’ve finally managed to do a painting I’m really happy with in just one week haha!

I was selected to be part of Popzilla Gallery’s show once again, which was this time themed ‘Foolish Mortals’, based on the Disney Haunted Mansion attraction. I was aware of the Haunted Mansion, but having never been there, was a little unsure as to what to do! I watched A LOT of videos on YouTube of people walking through and scoured the web for images but eventually settled on a portrait idea.

I decided to base this on the Medusa/Grecian Woman portrait which morphs from a quiet looking woman into Medusa but wanted to do a mash-up. I chose Emily from Corpse Bride to tie in with the Halloween/death type theme, incorporating the snakes from Medusa. The premise is basically Emily is still looking for her husband and has chosen to take the Grecian Woman’s place in the image in the hopes of meeting her love. I am finally finding my style – a mix of clean and organic painting with illustrative aspects and finally finding my feet!

Would Like to Meet, acrylic and sharpie on canvas, available for sale



Double Trouble | My Piece for Popzilla Gallery ‘Afternoon Delight’ art show

So the past month has been stressful to say the least! As I announced in my last post, I was accepted to take part in Popzilla Gallery’s latest show, ‘Afternoon Delight’, which is themed on Disney afternoon shows. I had very little time to complete the piece due to my commitment finishing the Belfast Landmarks piece, and so was left with just 3 weeks to draw, paint and pack the piece.

Now, there are many artists I follow on social media and I know that 3 weeks wouldn’t be an issue for them at all. But I am a slow painter! Plus, I had a wedding in Cornwall, work full time and personal commitments to adhere to. The process was…not good. My boyfriend helped me come up with a concept which I thought would look amazing. I drew it out and the draw was…ok but I was worried from the start as to how I would paint it.

I had a reference to help me with the imagery but I kept trying to paint like the reference, rather than paint like me and it was not going well! Needless to say, 10 days before I would need the piece to be picked up for shipping, I had a meltdown and decided I was no longer doing the show…for only 30 minutes until I gave my head a wobble and set about a new idea. I googled some images of key characters from the shows, rather than the shows themselves and came across an image of Goofy which helped me to develop an idea for a psychedelic/pop art style piece of Goofy and his son, Max.

So here it is! The show opens on 19th August and is up for sale for $120 if you’re interested (I think there is an online store for those who cannot see the show in person). If it does not sell, it will be coming back to me in the UK so if you’re interested in having this piece, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Double Trouble, acrylic on wood, 30cm x 30cm. For sale.

I’m Back! | Belfast Landmarks

Well, to say I’ve been gone a while would be a bit of an understatement! I haven’t posted on here – let alone finished any artwork since February which is, frankly rather upsetting and annoying.

Work has been MENTAL the past few months and now it’s died down, it’s time to focus on me again and boy, have I gone OTT on the goals! Along with completing the commission below (more on that in a bit), I’ve also been accepted to exhibit in a Pop Art show in California next month…but I also need to start and finish the piece and get it there in, oh, 3 weeks. So yeah…lots to do! I’m also focusing on a lot of personal goals – I want to move house in 12 months and money is a factor, I’m continuing with a fitness regime (1 stone down since January – yay me!), I am sloooowly starting plans for a novel I’ve been planning to write for 2 years and I am also looking to cut down costs by reducing ALL forms of waste in our house. I’m talking use that nearly rotten pepper in any way you can in a meal, scrape every last bit of the shampoo out before you buy another bottle – you get my drift.

But now…art work.

The below is a replica of what i now know was a 100% photoshopped image which the client did not. And I have very little knowledge of Belfast landmarks so it took an absolute age to find out what each building was to draw and paint it but i am really happy with the finished piece and I hope to get commissioned for more urban pieces in the future. But now that is done, I’m all about Disney – stay tuned for more on what I’m doing with that!

Belfast Landmarks, watercolour, acrylic and artists pen pen mixed media paper. SOLD

Roses 2017

Well, hasn’t 2017 been a busy one!

We’re now in the middle of February but for me, I feel like it’s much later as I haven’t stopped! I received a booking for this commission on New Years Day and had just one week to complete it before it was required. As soon as I finished this, I had another commission for an Otterson Vase reproduction for a client in New York. Oh, and I’ve also been working overtime at work every night, started a 12 week training/clean eating plan and been trying to see my boyfriend!

So suffice to say, 2017 has been tiring already, but I have so many plans for thins I want to do! I have one more commission to do within the next 2 weeks then I will be focusing on my own work and producing some pieces for competitions/open art exhibitions, to try and push myself and see if I can get listed in any finalist listings!

The below piece was my first commission of the year. The client found an old painting I did (of this same photo) 6 years ago and asked if there were any prints available. I don’t have many photos of that piece and frankly, I don’t like how it’s painted anymore so I managed to convince the client I could produce a cheap original for her. This was by far the fastest I’ve ever completed a painting but I’m really happy with it and have fallen in love with painting flowers all over again!

Roses, acrylic on canvas, SOLD


Happy New Year | My Grandma Has…

Happy New Year! I have had a great Christmas holiday so far (still another 4 days to go until I go back to work – yay!) and I have made good use of the time to plan what I want to achieve over the next 12 months – some of which I will keep to myself!

I’m slowly working on new pieces and originally did this piece for a client last Christmas – and started it 2 hours before it was due. Suffice to say, it was awful, I’m embarrassed when I look at it now and so I decided I would do a new version to be used in my Etsy store which I aiming to open in the next few months (so long as I have enough pieces ready to do so!).

I’m trying to find a specific style with these pieces now, and will soon be incorporating some small colour highlights to really make them pop.

My Grandma Has…, acrylic and artists pen on acrylic paper. Contact me for any reproduction queries.


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