Dreaming of Another Life

So my head is constantly filled with ideas of pieces I want to do at the moment, and commissions I have booked but life (i.e work) just will not allow for me to fulfil these which has recently caused the question to flood into my head – do I want to work at my job any more?

Do I like my job – yes. Do I love it – hell no. But it pays the bills and pays for my  materials in order to make my small crawl attempt at doing what I love for a living possible. So, Saturday night was a cram night, working on 3 different projects simultaneously and after realising I’m currently unable to complete enough each week (I was aiming for 1-2 word art illustration pieces) and so far i’ve completed 1! So not good going currently!

The Christmas holidays will soon be upon us though (I have 22 working days left, but who’s counting!?) and I aim to fill a lot of my time pantings – I’m hoping to get a new Dahlia painting completed which has been in my mind for WEEKS! It’s going to be orange and pink and gorgeous (I hope!).

With the lack of desire for actual work, I’ve also been thinking about changing my profession altogether to illustration, but am firmly aware I need some training! So first resolution for 2016 – I am an over organiser – is to do a 1 year into course to see how I get on and then look to do an online degree. I think it could really vamp my creative juices up and give me motivation on a day to day basis.

12247183_825479762877_4593727876399498124_nSo here is the mess that was me on Saturday night trying to start multiple projects at once. By the time Sunday evening comes, at least one should be finished – wish me luck!

You’re A Diamond Dear, They Can’t Break You

So, it’s not the most sophisticated or detailed piece, but here is the first piece of my Etsy portfolio! I’m more excited that I was FINALLY able to set up and use my new scanner!

I wanted to use this piece more of a test for new fonts, timing and my ability to paint veeerrryyy neatly! It hasn’t worked out as nice as i would hope, but hey – you have to start somewhere!

Ink pen and acrylic on mixed media paper.

You're a Diamond Dear

Being Jackson

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I moved into my first house 2 months ago. I finally have my own studio space and now, I have the walls to put some of my own work up! My living room has quite a lots of wall space, so I wanted to create something interesting, detailed, textured and effective for the room, so I turned to my good friend, Jackson Pollock. I wanted a really layered piece which had multiple things to see wherever your eye took you.

I selected a load of colours I liked, which worked well together and were either the same colours as those I’d already chosen for the living room, or complemented the colours well. I started with a white, textured background and added colours and methods of application a few at a time. Paints were applied with either a brush or palette knife and I added extra depth through the use of salt and spraying water onto wet paint to flush the colours out or add a dripping effect.

And here’s the finished piece! Acrylic on canvas.


For Megan

imageI was so pleased with this piece when I’d finished it…until I saw the photos I’d taken! This is the first time I’ve painted with watercolours for a while and I had managed to create some lovely delicate, layered colours which look really pretty. However, my camera does not show this which has prompted me to plan to buy a scanner come payday on Friday!

I’ve made a plan to open up an etsy shop in the new year, as I’m getting a lot of ideas for these hand drawn print type pieces, and I’ve had 3 orders from posting this piece on Facebook already, I kinda think I may have got more if viewers were able to see the true details! My lawn is to complete 2 designs a week so I have at least 10 pieces to open the store with, and will, over time,  add on some of my own paintings as well.

This type of piece is great for any new baby presents, birthday presents for kids or even something to commemorate a wedding or anniversary. It’s so versatile. So drop me an email if you’re interested in having something similar. I know there are a number of vendors who provide this as print, but there is something more special about a hand drawn piece.

WIP: For Megan

So after the mishap of spelling ‘ounces’ wrong, here is the new line drawing of my baby present for my friend and her new baby, Megan.

20151019_084329I used the error to relook at how I’d mapped everything, removing some elements, adding others and moving some aspects around so they are better framed. I removed ‘First Born’ after I realised that my friend may never want another baby, so this would be a pointless section to include.

We’re set for a girls night in on Saturday (Two women and a baby – could be a new version of the film??) so I will have the piece completed by then. All that’s left is to finish the pen outline then layer on delicate washes of colour to fill, and highlight with some acrylic. I always get really nervous when doing pieces for loved ones, so I will be sure to have a very steady hand!

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