Heather Potter

Here she is, finally managed to get this piece completed (literally an hour ago) after chaining myself to my desk for 4 days solid. Am not too happy with Harry/Heather, but I am not the best at doing faces, let alone doing likenesses of people. Am really happy with the rest though, and hope the vibrancy and details will be enough to make the recipient happy. It is for the birthday after all! Piece is based off the cover artwork for the Goblet of Fire book.

Heather Potter, 50cm x 50cm, acrylic on canvas, SOLD

Heather Potter

WIP – HeatherPotter

Somehow I managed to scrape a couple of hours on Tuesday night to make a start on this Harry Potter piece (although its now Heather Potter as that’s who it’s for!). I’ve only managed to complete very small sections – the sky, stone tower and tent – but little progress is better than no progress at all!

harryI now have Friday afternoon, Saturday day and night, Monday day and night and Tuesday day to complete this which frankly, with my painting speed, is about 3 days too short but I need to make it happen! In the middle of (hopefully) finishing the princess mural on Sunday, I will be adding the odd layer here and there to this to get to the finish line. The painting itself is not my worry, mainly ‘Heather’ as drawing people is not where my artistic skills lie. The drawing currently is awful but I’m not too shabby at covering up a bad drawing with some good paint, so fingers crossed!

Princess Garlands – WIP Princess Castle Mural

I know, I know, you’re getting bored of seeing the slow progress of this mural and to be hones,t I’m growing tired of my lack of speed!

CaptureI spent all day Saturday and Sunday on this, finishing off the grass and making a start on the leaf garlands. I got rather panicked on Sunday when it took me FOUR HOURS to do the bottom left garland, thinking surely I couldn’t spend 12 hours doing just the leaves?! Luckily, I got through the top right garland in just over an hour, leaving one more garland and the flowers left. I may also still do the fairies (I think i will need to do some tracing for quickness and to reduce my stress as I struggle with human form drawing!) so in all, I’m hoping that one long session may be enough, to complete fully, or one long session and then a few hours for touch ups, etc.

In the midst of this, full time work and buying a house currently, I also have just one week to complete a canvas commission of a Harry Potter piece for a client’s partners birthday. Luckily, I have time booked off work Friday through to Tuesday, so there is a glimmer of hope, but as I am terribly slow and have been doing the mural for 35 hours already, hope is not in the masses that this will definitely be complete in time.

All I do know, is that as much as I love painting, I will be having a weeks rest after the mural and canvas commission to rest my poor little wrist!

Princess Castle – Work in Progress 17th July

Last week only allowed for one session (I had planned on the entire weekend so this weekend would hopefully only need one session to complete) as the client’s daughter wasn’t feeling too well and needed to sleep it off in her princess boudoir!

unnamedI still managed to get a lot of large sections done, however, so I am feeling increasingly confident in getting this finished very soon. I started the grass last week, which will take some time as it is a lot of brushstrokes, but with this finished all that will be left is the leaves and flowers. My aim is to do a full day Saturday and Sunday so that next weekend I am free to work on a different commission!

unnamed (1)I will take some closer photos on Sunday once complete, but every I finish a section the client says: ‘I liked it before when it was plainer but I love it even more now!’ which is always a good thing to hear – nice to know I’m on track with client satisfaction!

Baking in the sun and painting dogs

Life has got in the way a bit recently, meaning I haven’t painted much – or written about painting much!

A weekend at Ascot and a weekend looking at houses (unfortunately none purchased) has left me two weeks behind on the mural, so I’m gearing up for a long session on Sunday – time to get more of the details done and get some bold colours on the wall! I’ve also been enjoying the sunshine way too much which also means I have over indulged in lots of laying around and very little work/gym/anything else!

I’ve been thinking I will use more acrylics and less emulsion moving forward on the mural. Not only are the colours easier to get, it’s also a lot quicker drying time and consistency wise, so hopefully, that should save me some time.

CaptureThis week I’ve been mega busy and have done very little but did manage to start laying down some very loose layers for the dog portrait present I’ve been working on since December (it’s ok, the recipient doesn’t know thy’re getting it!) This was taken on my phone, so the colours aren’t true to life, but I am really happy with how it’s looking already and can’t wait to start another base layer before the all important details and tweaking come into play.

Tonight I will be making a start on a commission which I have less than 4 weeks to complete (oops!) which will be a Harry Potter inspired piece. Idea and colours are all there – I have even blocked out very roughly a sketch. I just need to get the sketch knuckled down and paint until my hand falls off!

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